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RG3 Collision Body Repair

Car Body Shop in San Antonio

When looking for a car body shop in San Antonio, you need a facility with experts, technology, and the necessary equipment to restore the pre-damage condition of your vehicle. Auto body repair is not only about fixing the damage to a car. Although this is crucial, a good auto body shop ensures that it caters to all customer needs throughout the repair process. And that’s what you get from RG3 Collision Repair.
Our car body experts understand your frustration and stress when your car gets into an accident. Also, they know how to take the pressure of the repair process. We take care of your auto body repair needs when you contact or visit us. Our customer service department arranges for a tow service if necessary and ensures that your car gets to our shop safely and efficiently.
What’s more, we can help you get a rental car to use while we repair yours. Our experts will also liaise with your auto insurance company. After completing the repairs, we will perform quality inspections to ensure that our technicians performed the repairs excellently. A complete vehicle cleanup will follow, and eventual delivery of a car looking as good as new.

RG3 Collision Body Repair

Dependable Car Body Shop in San Antonio

RG3 Collision Repair knows that you want to receive your car as quickly as possible after a collision. Therefore, we will start repairing your vehicle as soon as possible upon bringing it to our shop. While fixing car body problems may seem straightforward, it involves several things, especially if the car had an accident.
This process can start even before we start working on your vehicle. For instance, if the accident damaged the car and rendered it impossible to drive, you will need a tow truck service to transport it to our shop. Our representative will help you arrange for a tow truck service, liaise with your car insurer, and organize a car rental.
Once the car arrives at our shop, we will assess the damage extensively, which may involve disassembling the vehicle to identify hidden damage. The next step entails repairing the body and structural damage. If necessary, we will paint and refinish the car.
Quality assurance experts will inspect the vehicle to ensure it’s in good condition. After that, you can drive a car that looks brand-new from our shop.

RG3 Collision Repair

Let Us Repair Your Car Today!

RG3 Collision Repair has the best experts and the latest technology to repair your car. We can fix your vehicle if a hailstorm damaged it or a collision left you with a dented and dinged car. We offer paintless dent repair, scratch removal, broken bumper repair, and paint repair. Our technicians have proven their expertise by restoring different vehicles to their pre-damage condition.
We believe that every customer deserves value for every cent they spend on our services. Therefore, we don’t compromise on quality under any circumstance. Your vehicle will regain its showroom glory upon bringing it to our facility for repair. And that’s our assurance. Visit us to work with the leading car body shop in San Antonio!