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RG3 Collision Repair

Automotive Collision Repair

Experiencing an automobile accident can be a very stressful time. It is essential to work with a company that you can trust and one that understands your circumstances and helps make the repair process as easy as possible. RG3 Collision is an automotive collision repair shop in San Antonio, Texas. Our courteous and professionally trained staff has many years of experience working in the collision repair business. Also, our body shop offers the same repair process, which means that your vehicle will be back on the road before you know it. Our shop’s primary goal is to ensure your repair process is as painless as possible. We understand that recovering from an auto accident is complex, and the last thing you need is an additional hassle with your auto body shop. Trust our body shop to work with you because we elevate our customer experience to an entirely different level.

Our body shop can work on the entire body paneling repair process, including fenders, bumpers, windshields, and painting, all achieved by using the most current tools and equipment to minimize body filler.

In addition, we have a full-service paint department that uses PPG paints and a computerized paint color matching system to help ensure that the paint is as close to its original color as possible. 

RG3 Collision Repair

Advantages of a Professional automotive collision repair process

If you are from San Antonio, Texas, and require an auto body shop, visit the RG3 Collision facility. The nation’s top auto body shop has got you covered. However, here is what makes our auto body shop different from the rest.

  • We work with all insurance companies, and in most cases, we help you handle the paperwork.
  • We prioritize quality over everything, and most times, when our clients see their cars after the repair process, they disagree that it was ever in an accident. 
  • We have a very detail-oriented approach right from start to finish. From the first assessment to the l vehicle delivery, our quality assurance team verifies every step of the process. 

Bring your vehicle to our body shop and enjoy some benefits such as:

  • You will be able to enjoy your safety while on the road because you know your car is in perfect condition and is roadworthy.
  • You will enjoy some peace of mind knowing that professionals have repaired your vehicle and everything is perfect. 
  • You will also evade some unnecessary traffic fines if your car is not roadworthy.  
  • Moreover, you can sell your vehicle at a higher value later on in the future since after it gets repaired, it usually is in a perfect condition than it was before.
  • Also, you will avoid getting stranded on the road because your vehicle broke down again, so bring that vehicle to our body shop and reduce roadside emergencies.
RG3 Collision Repair

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