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Imagine having your vehicle restored to its original condition after an unfortunate accident, with little to no hassle. That’s precisely what the best auto body shop around San Antonio, RG3 Collision Repair, offers. Dive in to learn more about their exceptional services and customer-centric approach.

AUTO BODY SHOP Provided services

San Antonio is home to a diverse range of auto body repair services. They offer a wide range of collision services here, including expert collision repair and skilled paintless dent repair, catering to an array of vehicle models and makes.

In a city where accidents are an unfortunate but common reality, it’s essential to have a reliable and trustworthy auto body shop at your disposal. RG3 Collision Repair and other auto body shops in San Antonio specialize in restoring vehicles to their pre-accident condition, ensuring the highest quality repairs and adhering to industry standards.

The focus is on providing outstanding service, so you can get your car repaired and back on the road with confidence.

Warranty Collision Repair Services

RG3 Collision Repair’s reputation for outstanding service is no accident. They employ certified professionals who maintain the highest quality and industry standards, ensuring that your vehicle is repaired accurately and efficiently. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or significant collision damage, these experts know the ins and outs of collision repair, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands.

In addition to their expert repair services, RG3 Collision Repair also offers towing services to ensure your damaged vehicle is transported safely and promptly to their shop. They specialize in car hail damage repair and can even handle insurance claims on your behalf, making the entire car repair and process as hassle-free as possible.

Expert collision repair services

Certified Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional dent repair methods. By skillfully manipulating the metal from the inside, technicians can remove dents and dings without the need for repainting, preserving your vehicle’s original paint job.

RG3 Collision Repair technicians are adept at paintless dent removal, ensuring that even the most stubborn dents are eliminated without compromising your vehicle’s aesthetics. So, whether it’s a parking lot mishap or hail damage repairs, you can trust their expertise to restore your vehicle’s appearance without breaking the bank.

Ask About
50% OFF

Insurance Deductible Programs
We Could Save You Up To $500 in Savings!

Insurance Company Partnerships

Navigating the complexities of insurance claims can be a daunting task. Fortunately, RG3 Collision Repair has partnerships with insurance companies, streamlining the process and ensuring a seamless experience for customers. From handling insurance claims to accepting major insurance providers, they have got you covered.

These partnerships not only simplify the process for vehicle owners but also guarantee the highest quality service in collaboration with all major insurance providers. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is being repaired to the highest standards, and your insurance claim is being taken care of.

We Help with Insurance Claims

RG3 Collision Repair’s commitment to exceptional customer service extends to its handling of insurance claims. They ensure that all the necessary documentation, such as the insurance policy, repair estimate, and photographs of the damage, is provided and processed efficiently. This level of attention and care ensures that your claim is addressed promptly and accurately.

By guiding you through the entire process, from documenting damages to communicating with the insurance company, RG3 Collision Repair ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience. This level of support allows you to focus on getting your vehicle back on the road while they handle the paperwork and logistical aspects of the insurance claim.

Handling insurance claims
Acceptance of major insurance providers

We accept all
Major Insurance Providers

RG3 Collision Repair works with a variety of major insurance providers, such as State Farm, USAA, Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, and others. Their collaboration with these providers guarantees a seamless experience for customers, ensuring that the repair process is efficient and stress-free.

The procedure begins with you submitting a claim to your insurance provider, who will then evaluate the damage and provide a quote for the repair. RG3 Collision Repair then cooperates with the insurance provider to ensure that the repair is completed to your satisfaction, upholding their commitment to exceptional customer service.



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Comprehensive Auto Body Repairs

RG3 Collision Repair offers comprehensive auto body repairs for all vehicle models and makes. Their services range from fixing minor scratches and dents to completely replacing parts and restoring vehicles after minor or major collisions. Their team of skilled technicians is equipped to handle paint repairs, frame and bumper repairs, as well as windshield and glass repairs, ensuring that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

By utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and modern repair techniques, the team at RG3 Collision Repair guarantees accurate and timely collision repairs throughout. Their commitment to providing outstanding service and high-quality repairs ensures that you can trust them with your vehicle’s restoration.

Auto Paint Repairs

Whether it’s a small scratch or significant paint damage, RG3 Collision Repair offers a range of body and paint repair services to restore your vehicle’s appearance. Their full-frame diagnosis, alignment, and body repair services, along with complete auto paint services and auto dent repair and removal, ensure that your vehicle looks as good as new.

With a focus on precision and quality, their paint repairs blend seamlessly with your vehicle’s original paint job. Their skilled technicians have extensive experience in color matching and touch-up paint jobs, ensuring that the repair is virtually undetectable, and your vehicle maintains its original luster.

Frame and bumper repairs

Vechicle Frame and Bumper Repairs

RG3 Collision Repair offers a variety of services for frame and bumper repairs, including full-frame analysis and repair, unibody frame repair, inner structural repair, auto glass replacement, paintless dent repair, and auto painting. These services are essential for maintaining your vehicle’s structural integrity and safety following an accident.

Their team of skilled technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that your vehicle’s frame and bumper are restored to their pre-accident condition. With a focus on quality and precision, you can trust RG3 Collision Repair to handle even the most complex frame and bumper repairs.

Auto Windshield and Glass Repairs

A damaged windshield or window can severely impact your vehicle’s safety, visibility, and overall appearance. RG3 Collision Repair offers a comprehensive range of services for windshield and glass repair, including windshield repair, windshield replacement, and window tinting.

Their skilled technicians use advanced techniques to ensure that your vehicle’s glass is repaired or replaced to the highest standards. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust RG3 Collision Repair to restore your vehicle’s windshield and glass to their original condition, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience.




State-of-the-Art Auto Equipment and Facilities

RG3 Collision Repair is committed to providing the highest quality services using state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. Their advanced diagnostic tools, such as 3D imaging, laser scanning, and computerized measuring systems, ensure accurate diagnostics and precise repairs. By investing in the latest technology, they ensure that your vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.

In addition to its cutting-edge equipment, RG3 Collision Repair also employs modern repair techniques, including aluminum welding, plastic welding, and structural repairs. By staying up-to-date on industry advancements and continuously improving their skills, their team of technicians can tackle even the most challenging repair jobs with precision and expertise.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

RG3 Collision Repair utilizes advanced diagnostic tools to ensure accurate diagnostics and to return vehicles to their pre-collision condition. These tools include industry-standard equipment and ASE Master Technicians, who guarantee that the repair is conducted correctly and expeditiously.

These advanced diagnostic tools help identify the source of the collision and determine the most suitable approach for repair. By ensuring that the repair of car accidents is done accurately and efficiently, RG3 Collision Repair restores your vehicle to its pre-collision condition and guarantees its safety and reliability on the road.

Advanced diagnostic tools
Modern repair techniques

Modern Auto Collision
Repair Techniques

RG3 Collision Repair employs modern repair techniques to ensure that its customers receive the best possible service. Their technicians are skilled in computerized measuring systems, paintless dent repair, caliber collision parts, and aluminum repair. These techniques not only ensure accurate and efficient repairs but also help maintain your vehicle’s original appearance and structural integrity.

By utilizing modern repair techniques, RG3 Collision Repair is able to tackle a wide range of repair jobs, from minor dents to complex structural damage. Their commitment to staying current with industry advancements and utilizing state-of-the-art equipment guarantees that your vehicle is in the best possible hands.


Before After RG3 Collision RepairRG3 Collision Repair
Before After RG3 Collision Repair logoRG3 Collision Repair
Before After RG3 Collision RepairAfter Collision Repair

Exceptional Customer Service

RG3 Collision Repair’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond its exceptional repair services. They pride themselves on providing clear communication and convenient services, ensuring that customers are kept informed and feel supported throughout the entire repair process.

From free photo estimates and lifetime warranties to high-quality repairs, RG3 Collision Repair goes above and beyond to make sure its customers are satisfied with the results. Their dedication to customer service is evident in every interaction, making them a top choice for auto body repairs in San Antonio.

Clear Communication & Process

Transparent communication is essential to ensuring a smooth and stress-free repair experience. RG3 Collision Repair provides clear and concise information regarding the repair process and estimated costs, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their vehicle’s repairs.

By keeping customers informed during the repair process, they ensure that vehicle owners are aware of the progress of their vehicles and any potential changes or challenges that may arise. This level of communication fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the quality of their services.

clear communication

Convenient Services

RG3 Collision Repair offers a range of convenient services to make the auto body repair process as stress-free as possible. From auto dent repair and removal to auto glass repair, auto body repair, painting, dent repair, bumper repair, fleet repair, and online appointment scheduling, they cater to the unique needs of each customer.

In addition to their wide array of repair services, some shops may also provide rental cars and towing services, further simplifying the repair process for customers. By offering these convenient services, RG3 Collision Repair demonstrates its dedication to customer satisfaction and exceptional service.

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, it can take anywhere from 40-80 hours for a body shop to complete a paint job. The length of time will depend on the condition of the vehicle, the amount of bodywork needed, and the availability of staff to do the job.

Professional results require dedication and expertise to deliver the highest quality product.

Yes, RG3 does bodywork before painting. Our estimators examine your vehicle and suggest condition repairs. We offer affordable surface prep options that ensure your paint looks great, and a little surface repair before the paint goes on can ensure it holds its gloss and shine for years to come.

Body shops can now quickly dry and cure paint using infrared (IR) lamps, which emit light just outside the visible spectrum that is felt as heat. This process typically takes only a few hours, compared to the multiple days that oven drying used to take.

As such, body shops are able to quickly get vehicles back out on the road.

A body paint shop is a professional repair facility that specializes in the painting and restoration of car and truck bodies. They provide services for minor touch-ups, complete body panel replacement, and custom paint jobs.

Body shops can help restore your vehicle to its original condition.

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